Friday, September 24, 2010 | By: Hunee

Bye Bye Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan posed for mugshot number four this morning after being taken into custody immediately upon arriving at her probation hearing.
As expected (and almost to our surprise), Lindsay arrived in court for a probation hearing this morning after having failed two drug tests last week. And as TMZ reports, it seems Judge Elden Fox was out to teach Lindsay a lesson no one saw coming.
Lindsay Lohan is in custody … after Judge Elden Fox shockingly denied her bail … and Lindsay could be sitting there until October 22. But LiLo’s lawyer just told us, the judge was dead wrong.
Judge Fox did not hear any arguments from the lawyers before making his ruling. Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, told TMZ on the way out of court … the judge had no legal basis for denying her client bail.
Lindsay was handcuffed in court before being taken into custody.
It’s shocking because the underlying offense is a misdemeanor, and people connected with the case were telling us the judge had to offer Lindsay bail.
As for Lindsay’s reaction … she was shocked when the judge remanded her into custody. Lindsay looked at her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, before being taken out of the courtroom. She was taken from court in a single Sheriff’s vehicle, covered by a blanket.
A spokesman for the LA County Sheriff’s Office says Linds will be in “administrative segregation” for her safety and the safety of the jail system. This time though, there will be no early release unless the judge says otherwise.


TMZ photo