Monday, September 27, 2010 | By: Hunee

Is Mariah suffering from an illness?

For months,there have been rampant, unconfirmed rumors, that songbird Mariah Carey is pregnant with her and hubby Nick cannon’s first child. Well, it should be evident that Mariah is in fact suffering from some sort of illness.
 The industry grapevine has it that Mariah is suffering from “a serious medical problem” that could potentially threaten her career.
The rumors and innuendoes took on new life over the weekend when Mariah, whose face was pale and bloated, flew into Singapore on Friday (Sept. 24) to perform at a Formula 1 event.
A listless Mariah gave a lackluster performance in front of 110,000 screaming fans in Singapore. But as fan videos clearly show, Mimi had to sit to catch her breath numerous times during her show. Even if she was 6 months pregnant she wouldn’t be that short of breath.
Then she slipped and fell onstage — and had to be helped to her feet by assistants. Mariah couldn’t even remove her own shoes without help! None of this sounds like a pregnancy that isn’t even showing.
 Many of us have seen the photos of Mariah leaving a Beverly Hills doctor’s office in recent months. And Perez Hilton posted pics 2 months ago of Mariah’s grossly distended belly.

Could Mariah be suffering from bleeding fibroids, an enlarged uterine cyst or some other gynecological problem that is sapping her strength?
While it’s obvious that she is not pregnant, we can only speculate what the “serious medical problem” could be.
Let’s face it, if a narcissist like Mariah was pregnant, she would have announced it by now so she can reap the benefits of all the attention her announcement would bring her.