Saturday, September 11, 2010 | By: Hunee

Chris Brown's mother apologizes for Twitter comment

Obviously the comment didn't go over well with MJ fans or fans of Chris Brown, so the harsh statement was removed from her page, but not before damage was done.

After receiving harsh criticism over the comment, Ms. Hawkins issued a statement to USA Today and explained what she meant by the insensitive tweet.
In her brief statement, Ms. Hawkins states that she meant to express her son's love for the late icon and that she hopes that Chris Brown will carry out his legacy in music.
“I'm so sorry that the tweet I sent yesterday was misunderstood,” Ms. Hawkins wrote. “What I meant to say is that Chris has always been inspired by Michael Jackson's music and his career.”
Although the backlash has seemed to relax a little, Ms. Hawkins did tweet this to haters:
"Angels continue to lift ur heads ever so high and ask God to guide and lead u throughout the good and the bad. Stand strong on his word!!!"