Monday, September 6, 2010 | By: Hunee

Kendra Wilkinson comes to the defence of Montana Fishburne!

Kendra Wilkinson, wife of NFL football player Hank Baskett, and ex-ho of Playboy’s Hugh Hefner came forward to talk about parental acceptance of hoes.

According to her, parents should support their children regardless of the tawdry stank azz paths they take in life. During an interview with TalkRadio’s America’s Morning News Kendra shared her opinion of fellow ho Montana Fishburne’s porn exploits.

“…. He has to be there for her. He has to say “F” all, “F” Hollywood. And he has to learn to be there for his daughter. Just because she does what she does that porn, he has to get back down to earth and realize who my daughter really is. Is she a good person? …. hey that’s what happens when a girl turns 18. When someone turns 18, they have the freedom to do and choose what they want to. It’s your job as a parent to at least have them be a good person.

“For Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, she’ll probably end up doing what I did and that’s waking up, and finding out what’s real in her life.”

Down to earth? How does a father support watching his little girl get her face plastered with the spooge of random dudes? Some things should definitely be condemned by parents. SMDH.